Couple of month ago I wrote in this blog (in Estonian) about Tuscany as it is such a pretty place and there is a direct flight from Tallinn to Milan. At the time we had a plan that we would not travel for awhile as we are saving for building a house....
Cathedral of Milan

And now in two weeks we are actually going!!!:)

There is a belief that if you dream of something and visualize it - it will come true! In this case what happened was that the thought of Tuscany got stuck in my head and didn´t go away...

So I looked up the prices of the plane tickets ... not to buy but just so I know:) And they were so so cheap! Return direct flight Tallinn-Milan 125€ per person, and Milan is not so close to Estonia:)

Then I thought but that is only tickets surely it is much more expensive once you are there - accommodation, transport etc. So of course I had a look around how much is car rental and accommodation, and I found really good prices...

So that is what I do here, that is the service that I offer - to find best options for you! Not only cheapest prices, but best prices and options depending what is most important criteria for you. For example, renting a car we don´t want the smallest possible car just because it is the cheapest. We chose the next one that seems a normal size (we´ll see won´t we?:)) and pay few euros a day more. If the price was most important we´d take the cheapest smallest car and hope to fit all of us in it (with suitcases)...

Also with accommodation, if we stay only one night it is not so important how comfy and nice the place is, it just needs basics and most important is location and price. But the villa we booked for 5 nights had much more important aspects we needed - balcony, two bedrooms and living room, looked beautiful both accommodation and location.... Most important was to feel that this is the place where we want to spend five days and nights! And for this criteria I found really good price:)
Photo from the most recent trip to Italy:)

Before our trip we have bought the plane tickets and I booked accommodation, car rental and bought train tickets. All together it has cost us 328,52€ per person which is a really great price for a one week holiday!

So if you really want something you find a way - I found a reason to travel despite the fact that we had decided not to travel for awhile - we are celebrating our birthdays with this trip:)

Dream big, dream travel!

Keep an eye on this blog and our Facebook and Instagram as I will keep you updated of our trip: