Insurance often seems as just another thing to spend money on and not so necessary... but while traveling it is something to seriously consider. It is particularly important when you travel on your own so we definitely recommend to get travel insurance!


And not because we are in love with insurance companies (far from it!) but insurance can be very useful as you never know what can happen during traveling and it can be a bit scary in a foreign country as well.

If you travel often then it might be a good idea to get yearly insurance as it is cheaper. In Estonia banks sometimes offer it. Shop around to get the best offer.

The other important thing often forgotten is that as soon as you have bought plane tickets you should get an insurance as anything could happen for what you need an insurance. If you have connecting flights and one of them is changed so you would miss your next flight and these are not flights from the same plane company, you would have to pay for a new ticket yourself. That´s where insurance would help you!

While traveling, you must be ready for unexpected to happen, thus would be a good idea to prepare for things you can prepare for. For other things just be mentally ready that things do happen:)