Let´s find out what else has wonderful Nepal to offer!

6. Lumbini

Lumbini can be called the pride of Nepal as this is the place where Lord Buddha was born. The main spot to visit here is Maya Devi temple where lord Buddha was born. It is historically and culturally important place with religious importance to Buddhists. The Ashoka pillar is said to be the proof of the birth of Lord Buddha. Lumbini has numerous different temples and religious communities which give a wonderful experience and information about the history of Lord Buddha. The world peace pagoda (locally called "Shanti stupa") is also one of the main attractions of this area. The peaceful environment also contains the external peace flame which is said to never extinguish.

Lumbini Monastery,  https://www.amazingnepaltrek.com/

7. Tilicho Lake

A lake situated at one of the most rural areas in Nepal at the height of 4919 m in the Annapurna Himalayan range. Sometimes its called the highest lake for its size in the world, even though there are lakes at higher altitude in both Nepal and Tibet. It is the destination of one of the most popular side hikes of the Annapurna Circuit trek. This trek displays a scenic view with sublime natural beauty, cultural and traditional values, stunning waterfalls, running clean water streams and attractive flora and fauna.

Lake Tilicho offers an amazing view of the reflection of Himalayan Range in a chilled climate. It collects the glacial melt from surrounding mountains. The lake also has religious significance as referenced in a holy book of Hindus - "Ramayana". The trekking leads down to the Muktinath temple which is religiously profoundly significant and has its very own kind of beauty.

8. Ghorepani Poon Hill

It is again a trek towards the Annapurna region, starting from Pokhara right to a height of 3210m giving an amazing view on mountains and beautiful scenarios. The trekking also gives the experience of local towns, for example, Ghorepani, Ulleri and Ghandruk, popular for their beauty and Magar and Gurung cultures. The spot is really renowned for the view of a beautiful sunrise with the view of mountains, for example, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri whose heights are above 8000m. The imagination of this view itself emerges a thirst of visiting the place.


9. Manaslu Base Camp

Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain of the world having with height of 8163m. Trekking gives the views of delightful mountain peaks along with the Manaslu glacier, allowing a circle along Mount Manaslu. The rural region is rich in Buddhist religion and Tibetan culture. The trek permits visiting various religious communities indicating the diversity in individuals and traditions. It gives a fascinating village tour with various cultural and traditional sights. The trekking was officially permitted in 1991 and follows a route along Burhi Gandaki River giving a great experience of trekking.


10. Gosaikunda Lake

It is one more amazing destination of Nepal which lies over the height of 4610m. The lake lies in the popular Langtang national park which is itself a beautiful place to visit, having a wide range of greenery. For the most part in Nepal, this lake has high religious importance as referenced in lots of Hindu sculptures. The Dhunche-Helambu trek prompts this wonderful lake, most of the time surrounded by snow. The lake itself stays frozen for a half year in winter giving an amazing view. Other than that, the trekking itself is an incredible experience for the adventurous individuals out there giving excellent experience with challenges on the way.


And that is it for Nepal - so many beautiful places to explore. I hope you got inspiration for your travels. I definitely need to go back to Nepal to see more of this amazing country.