If your favourite place in Spain was not among the first five chosen by Mercedes, stay tuned if it is among the last five:)

Alhambra, Granada

6. Baleares (Balearic Islands)

The islands are also very different among them. Mallorca is beautiful and has a lot of culture with nice beaches and good nightlife. Ibiza has also very nice beaches and one of the most intense nightlife’s on Earth. Menorca has beautiful coastal landscapes and is calmer.


7. Andalucía

The beaches in Andalucía are very good, but there are also some cities that aren’t coastal that are also great: Córdoba (beautiful centre and great mosque; it is also very famous because of its gastronomy, dishes like salmorejo, flamenquines ir berenjenas a la miel are from here), Sevilla (it’s city centre is very known because Game of thrones was shot in el Alcazar, but the cathedral, la Giralda is nice as well) and Granada (la Alhambra, it has great night life due to the students, nice to have a drink cause they give you free food with each drink). Also flamenco was born in Andalucía.

Cordoba, Andalucia

8. Pirineos (Pyrenees)

Beautiful mountains with gorgeous national parks like Ordesa or Aiguestortes. Skiing is very important here. Irati rainforest is a nice place to see as well as the Boi valley which has a group of original romanesque churches in a beautiful scenery.


9. Camino De Santiago

Very traditional and historic way which goes from Roncesvalles (Pyrenees) to Santiago de Compostela. It can be done walking, by bike or by other means. It is a great experience cause a lot of people from different countries do it and it’s a good way to meet people. In the way you can enjoy great landscapes and beautiful cities like Burgos, Logroño, Najera, Lugo and you finish in a great city - Santiago, which is gorgeous because of its buildings, nightlife and gastronomy (very good seafood).

10. Las fallas de Valencia

Valencia is not only famous because of paella, there are other nice things to eat (fideuá). drink (horchata) and see: the cathedral, la Lonja, museo de las artes y las ciencias. It is also important because of the Fallas fair in which they burn things. It is fantastic!

That is it from Mercedes from Spain. Thank you very much, Mercedes!

As you can see there are so  many places to see and lots to do and eat and enjoy in Spain. I personally also love Spanish language and think that Spanish people are very friendly and nice. Vamos!