From Japan to Australia! Let´s continue with recommendations by the locals. This time we won´t look at the whole of Australia which is huge, but will concentrate on one of the greatest places in Australia - the Great Ocean Road.

Here are my friend Campbell´s top 10 of the Great Ocean Road:

1. Point Addis

Right at the start of the Great Ocean Road is my favourite beach. A classic backdrop of high cliffs against sandy white beach and surf to suit all levels. This is certainly a spot to spend a full day. Pack everything you need as you won’t want to leave!

2. Moggs Creek Picnic Ground

A great place to camp is nearby at Tallawalla Campsite. From Moggs Creek Picnic Ground there is a short but stunning walk called “ocean track”. Only 4.5 km long, this is value for steps. A one-way track that winds uphill for 2.2 km reaching a beautiful lookout over Eastern View and down towards Lorne. It is hard to find a more impressive short walk even on a coast such as this.

I have also been there once!:)

More information:

3. Lorne waterfalls

Let’s face it, when you think of Australia, you think of beaches and Lorne is no exception. Famous for its beautiful protected bay with family-friendly gentle waves, Lorne is a beach-side paradise. However, for those with a taste for adventure, you will find an incredible network of walking trails tucked in behind Lorne in the hills only 5km from the township with waterfalls at the end of every track. Drop into the information centre and pick up a waterfalls map and see how many you can visit. My record is 7 in one go over about 27km. It is possible to reach 11 waterfalls in one day if you have some comfortable shoes and plenty of food and water. Don’t miss Lower Kalimna.

4. BBQ at Wye River

I enjoy the simple things in life and having a BBQ on the foreshore at Wye River is right up there. The BBQ and picnic area are nestled between the Great Ocean Road and the beach and are protected from prevailing winds by a bush screen. The view is straight down the coast looking at the surf. The BBQ’s are free so this can get busy in peak season but should be enjoyed all year round.

You can spot koalas near the Great Ocean Road:)

5. Grey River Glow Worms

Behind the town of Kennett River you follow Grey River road for about 5km to take you to the Grey River picnic ground. Aim to get there right on dark. The track can be a little tricky to find as you need to step over the guard rail across the road. Follow the walking track for 500m and you will notice the abundance of glow worms all around once your eyes have adjusted. Bring a torch for the walk back to the car.

That is it for now. Stay tuned for part 2!