Our virtual trip in Ireland continues and next up is a place that is in Rachael`s favourite place - Clare county.


6. Hiking in the Burren area

County Clare’s limestone paradise is a place where instead of driving through, take time to explore it by hiking. The word “Burren” comes from an Irish word “Boíreann” meaning a rocky place.

The craggy terrain of the Burren is famously lunar in its appearance, its miniature cliffs spread like mosaics as far as the horizon. The most famous place is Poulnabrone, a gravity-defying portal dolmen that’s perched here for over 5,800 years, guarding the remains of 22 people.


The highest point in the national park is Knockanes (207 metres) which continues as a curving terraced ridge to Mullaghmór to the south. There are a number of semi-permanent lakes to the east. Although it is a rocky terrain, the small pits of grass here and there are very sweet and nourishing. Countless livestock graze the hills in winter.


Choose amongst 7 walking trails: https://www.burrennationalpark.ie/walking-trails/

7. The Great Western Greenway


The Great Western Greenway is a 42 km long off-road trail for cycling and walking. It follows the Atlantic coast between Westport town and Achill Island and goes through the picturesque villages of Newport and Mulranny. It passes by some of the West of Ireland’s most dramatic mountains and offers magnificent views of Clew Bay and its many islands.

Abandoned village, https://www.ireland.com/en-ca/articles/tripideas/great-western-greenway/

You start off in the bustling, vibrant, colourful and cultural town of Westport. There are countless wildlife wonders, from basking sharks to humpback whales. Newport is a beautiful heritage town stunningly located on the shores of Clew Bay, and Mulranny has a wide range of scenic attractions, beauty spots and places of interest.

Achill island is the largest of all islands off the coast of Ireland and is accessible by bridge. First inhabited 5,000 years ago, the island offers ancient castles, prehistoric sites, towering cliffs, windswept beaches and untamed landscapes.

More information: https://www.ireland.com/en-ca/articles/tripideas/great-western-greenway/

We still have three great places to go and already it feels like you need lots of time to properly explore Ireland. I definitely want to go back!

Until next time!