I am so sorry that I have been busy writing blog posts in Estonian about our Italian trip and haven´t written any in English yet ... I apologise and try to make up for it by a very special guest post in our blog!!!
And our guest is Mercedes from Spain!!!
You might remember Mercedes from Our Story as the one who started my "career" in organising trips by myself:) We met up every summer somewhere in Europe...

Nowadays, Mercedes travels with her family of two kids. And here is her story of their trip from Spain to UK:

My name is Mercedes and I have known Marin for 16 years! Together we have traveled the world! We had a lot of fun! Now I have a couple of kids, one is 5 and the little one is 3, with my little family, I have traveled a lot as well, Geneva, Rome, Scotland, Amsterdam and many places in Europe, but I am going to tell you about the last trip, to England and Wales.

We took our car, luggage and kids and we departed from Madrid at the beginning of August. We took the ferry from Bilbao, in the north of Spain. First we ate there. Pintxos and txacoli is something that everybody should try in life. Wonderful!

We took the ferry and we arrived in Portsmouth next day around 9 pm, we had a hotel booked in advance. Next day we took the road to London. We had rented a house in the outskirts, cause in the city centre it is very expensive. There we enjoyed lots of things. Children loved the natural and science museums, the Tower of London etc.. and the parks. There is a beautiful park, dedicated to princess Diana in Hyde Park that all children loved, with sea sand and water, swings, incredible!

After being in London for 8 days, we took our car again and went to our next house in a little hamlet in Wales. The area was great, it was full of animals and nice countryside! We could enjoy something that children loved, we could have a ride in a steam engine! They use old trains and they give you a very nice ride. Actually, the day before, children could ride Thomas the tank, but my son was sick and we couldn’t go:(.

Stay tuned for the second part... coming soon!:)