And already it is our last day in Greece. For this time! It was my fourth trip to Greece and still there is so much to explore - many many islands and places on the mainland too, I have only been to Athens on the mainland.

Mary Poppins cafe

10th Day

13.09.2019, Friday


- to just walk around (incl Chinatown) and kill time until our flight

Practical information:

  • 12:00 check-out (breakfast included)

  • 23:20 (2:50) flight Athens - Tallinn

  • to the airport: metro 3, takes about an hour. We decided to take a taxi (38€), pre-ordered yesterday.

What happened?

Breakfast was surprisingly good for such a cheap hotel (nothing special though). Fortunately there was really nice and friendly receptionist at work. We left our luggage at the hotel and went to walk around.

We went to Chinatown and looked into few of the shops. But we did not feel good at these shops as we were constantly stared at and followed. We felt like they suspected that we would steal or something. It was not a good feeling. Already second day in a row we were made to feel bad. That was so strange as otherwise everywhere people had been so friendly and nice.

Finally someone explained to us that these shops were for bulk buying and told us of another street where it was possible to buy these same things individually. We bought screen covers for our phones for only 10 euros (at home I was offered only one choice that cost 26€! no thank you!). There service was excellent (reminded me of Asia:)) as when they didn`t have one type of the screen cover they immediately went to get it (probably to one of these bulk selling shops:)). Also lots of care was taken to put the screen covers on our phones.

Little square we spent lots of time on

We walked to a cafe on the square. Ordered our usual cappuccinos and cakes. Not surprisingly we once again had to wait for cappuccinos forever. So we could not be bothered to order soft ice-cream as we had planned...

We went to Agora - an ancient town in ruins. It was very nice. Lots of ruins and stones, reminded me of Roman Forum. There was one very pretty temple on top of the hill offering great views to Athens. We found a nice corner with all kinds of different and interesting things found in these ruins.

Close buy I bought Athens scarf. It has become a tradition lately to buy scarfs on our trips for me. We found Athens market which was really interesting with lots of second hand shops too full of different stuff. Near the square there were handicraft shops too. In one of them husband and wife created things by recycling.

Once again we enjoyed delicious food on the square and killed time as our flight was leaving so late. We walked back to the hotel early but luckily our taxi was also early:) At the airport we had more cappuccinos and found a lovely bookstore with good selection of books in English. Luckily we managed to buy some before they closed as it was getting late.

We bought some Greek olive oil in rather big canister and Greek brandy which we gave to Rauno for his birthday! On the plane we had a glass of white wine (which was for free and they did not sell alcohol!) for Raunos birthday!

And that was it. In the middle of the night (2:50 am) we arrived back in Tallinn.

It was a wonderful trip. Can`t wait to travel again:) I am so happy that during this trip I made the prototype of the Travel Journal which made it so easy to write these blog posts, and to remember the trip. It makes it easy to think of your trip, and see what was important enough to you to write it down:) You can write as much or little as you wish, and how you wish. Even just jotting down notes or keywords.

Best moment: live music at the entrance/exit to Agora