Sifnos was such a special place and became our favourite on this trip immediately. On the fourth day on our trip we discovered the best place on Sifnos - welcome to Kastro!
Kamares beach

Fourth day

7.09.2019, Saturday


- bus to Kamares - walk around, have a look at the shops

- Profit Elias -great view from the top all over the island. Find out how to get there!

- Kastro - Castle Sifnos and Church of 7 Martyrs

Practical information:

  • 13:10 bus to Kamares

  • 15:30 Kamares - Apollonia

What happened?

We took a bus to Kamares (a 1,80€), walked around a bit and checked out some shops. We found a cute small shop where a man sold things he had made himself - earrings, magnets, drawings etc. We bought earrings and a magnet. It is so nice to get a magnet that is locally made, not something cheap and mass produced in China.


We had lunch at the cafe on the beach called MariAngelo - pancakes, sandwiches, cappuccinos), then took a bus to the centre where I mailed my postcards! I love sending postcards from my travels.

Walk to Kastro

From the centre we walked to Kastro. As I have mentioned before - Sifnos is full of wonderful footpaths and the island is not very big, so you can walk to almost everywhere (Profit Elias however would be too long of a trek). 
There Kastro is, on top of the hill

The walk was amazing with great views and we immediately fell in love with Kastro. It is not possible to explain - it is such a cute little place on top of a hill with amazing views and very calm.

We went to the restaurant that we had admired yesterday from the bus:) We took just drinks - it was very warm and sunny, and enjoyed the view.

We walked around and enjoyed every minute of it.

For dinner we found another cute place with great view. At first all the places at the edge of the terrace were taken but we got a table there for the desert. We noticed sheep on the hills - it is amazing how they manage on such a steep hills. For people from a flat country anyway:)


The bus to Artemonas left at 20:35 (a 1,80€), it was already dark. While waiting for the bus, we found a little art exhibition.

Surprising: Kastro - so pretty and it is amazing walk!