Since we cannot travel at the moment, it is great time to think of past trips, and feel like we are back there... Come on an adventure with us!

Fifth Day

8.09.2019, Sunday


- to chill and walk around in Artemonas (the village we are staying at)

Practical information:

  • Find our host to ask about paying

What happened?

Apparently our accommodation in Athens has only taken money for one room. Just in case I wrote to them to be sure that we have two rooms:) They said that everything is ok and we pay for the other room on arrival.

At first we thought of going some new place but I could not find something special enough - just more cute villages and beaches (as we can`t go to Profit Elias). So we decided to look around in Artemonas - our little cute village where we had only ever been to the square and food shop:) This time we decided to go to another direction from our home, turning immediately to the right. 

We found some tiny streets that led us to the top of the hill where we found lovely Greek windmills (always remind me of Mykonos). At one of them there was an accommodation and next to the other a horse:) As always on this beautiful island everywhere we found great views as it is hilly and you can usually see the sea.

Suddenly we found ourselves in the countryside (usually the island is full of houses) and the small road led us through high stone walls to a small church surrounded by the cemetery. We had a look around, and then turned back to our village.

Once again we had lunch on the main square, this time next to a little church of which we took photos on our first day in Sifnos. And as always, the food was amazing! Lots of seafood, mussels, meat, dolmas, moussaka, Greek salad and very good potato salad (capers, vinegar). Although we shared it among four of us, there was so much food and we were really full. What a feast! Greek food is amazing!

Our feast of a lunch Vol 1

The walk home was not easy. It is short, but uphill and we were too full to move:) But the reward was laying down and having a rest. Afterall, we were on vacation!

Seems unbelievable but after such a huge lunch we still decided to go to dinner… We were just afraid to miss dinner, what if we´d be starving later?:) We went to the same place called Margarita where we went to eat on our first evening on Sifnos, and where I accidentally stepped on a cat. No incidents with cats this time fortunately. We ordered less food than usual, but still it was too much, though as always delicious - Greek salad, small cheese pies ...

Our feast of a lunch Vol 2

Lesson learned: if you are full, it is okay to miss a meal:)

Wow: Artemonas - sometimes you don´t have to go far. Just around the corner you can find amazing places. Also, it is important to take time off and chill!
My travel journal is in Estonian but it is also available in English!

Until next time! Stay well and stay home!