As we are stuck in our homes we can only dream of traveling. Come with us to a virtual trip to Greece - a country with wonderful people, amazing islands and delicious food!
Our speedboat to Milos

Sixth Day

9.09.2019, Monday


- to Milos!

- Greek theatre and catacombs near Plaka

Practical information:

  • 10:00 bus Artemonas - Kamares

  • 10:50 (arrives 11:50) ferry Sifnos-Milos

  • transfer to the accommodation (9€/person)

What happened?

We took the bus to the harbour and then ferry to Milos. It was a quick journey (only an hour), we played a bit of cards - our traditional game taught by Rauno that changes its name each trip. This time it is called Greece!


As promised transfer was waiting for us with a sign - not exactly my name but I understood that it was meant for us:) I am used to it. In foreign countries it is very very rare that they get my name right. I remember vividly one such occasion at the Amsterdam airport on our way to Peru. My latte cup had my correct name on it!

Our host was waiting for us and he was very friendly, active and talkative:) A bit tiring for Estonians but he was very helpful and nice. He gave us maps and lots of information about where to go and what to do. He said that catacombs were closed on Tuesdays so we had to change our plans and decided to visit it that day. His recommended especially Sarakiniko beach and after I Googled it I understood why - it seems amazing! We definitely have to go there!

The accommodation itself was very cute with some nice touches. We had two bedrooms and kitchen/living room but also balcony with a view to the stadium where in the evenings were football practices. That evening our host was in a hurry to go to the practice of his son where he was assistant coach or something like that.

Up there is a Greek grandpa waiting:)

At first, we went to eat near our place, and found ourselves a Greek grandpa. He was so sweet and lovely, and took such a good care of us with his wife. She was cooking and he was serving us, while also watching basketball as Greece had very important match (which unfortunately they lost). We ordered rabbit, dolmas, chickpeas - all delicious!

Then we walked around a lot. Catacombs (4€) were disappointment. It was supposed to be 20 minutes tour with a guide, it was barely 5 minutes. Supposedly these were the biggest catacombs outside Rome, and they were small:). We also visited amphitheatre and that was ok.

It is better on a photo, however still worth a visit

I really wanted to go visit a village Klima because of its beautiful colored doors of the houses at the seaside. But there was no good way to get there. There was a footpath but it was very steep, and we had to come back the same way. The normal road however was such a long way, and we also had to come back the same way. So we decided not to go this time:(

Instead we walked back to Plaka. It was very sunny and warm, so we took a water and toilet break at a eating place. I asked if they by any chance had milkshakes, and was told that of course not, they are a restaurant!:):)

Such beautiful views

At the local square in Plaka we found a sweet shop which quickly became our favourite place:) We had a cappuccino and cake stop, then had a look around shops. Wanted to buy water but were given a bottle of water from the restaurant for free instead!: )

We walked up a steep hill, and really needed that big water bottle! The view was worth the effort though:
Small church on top of the hill

We found a proper food shop, bought some food and went back to our place. Instead of dinner, we had wine, beer, chips and cheese with our card game of course:)

Most beautiful place: Walk to the top of the hill

Added by me to the travel journal: 

Find of the daysweet shop:)