It is time to turn another page in the Travel Journal to see what we were up to on our second day in Milos. And what a day it was!

Seventh Day

10.09.2019, Tuesday


- half day boat tour to Kleftiko

- Sarakiniko beach

Practical information:

  • 9:50 bus to Adamas

  • 11:00 bus to Sarakiniko

  • transfer to the tour (we have to walk to the big road for pick up)

What happened?

We took a bus to harbour village Adamas (a 1,50€), where we had about an hour to look around. We did some shopping, including postcards and stamps and water:)

Walking to the Sarakiniko beach from the car park

Then took a bus to Sarakiniko beach (a 1,80€), there we bought cold water (2 small bottles 2 x 0,5€) and milkshakes (a 4€) and walked to the beach.. Wow!!! It took my breath away. It was something so different and unique. I had never seen anything like it! White rock, volcanic landscape.

It reminded me a bit of the Pinnacles National Park in Western Australia, only in white colour:) We took photos and admired the view. Sat on a white rock, and were astonished by the beauty of our surroundings. Soon it was too hot, so we found a shadow and rested there.

Sarakiniko beach
We saw an opening in the rocks, so decided to go exploring. Surprise! We found great big caves unexpectedly. From afar it seemed that it can`t be anything spectacular, but we were surprised. Way better than the catacombs, and for free! A bit of urine smell was part of the deal:) There was no toilet on the beach after all...
The caves we found

It was not very comfortable in the shadow because it was very small space. Most of the area was in full sunshine. We walked back to the kiosk and bought more water and milkshake. Found a bench in the shadow of the only tree around (seemed like the bench was for waiting for the bus). We just sat there enjoying our milkshakes and looking at people and cars (it was next to the car park) moving about. Then we decided to walk to the big road to wait for our transfer. We thought we were really early, but as soon as we reached the road, our transfer arrived.

We had a stop in Adamas to take two more persons with us, and headed to a small harbour. Milos is bigger than Sifnos, so it surprised us with wider roads:) We were used to the tiny roads of Sifnos. We had some time at the harbour, so had a toilet break and some drinks. Then walked to the beach were a queue was starting to take shape.

The view in the queue

We were taken in a small boat to the bigger boat, and luckily were on the first boat so we could choose great soft seating places in the middle of the boat. Rauno chose to sit up front in the sun. Beautiful rocks in different colours - white, orange, yellow, red, pinkish...

The colourful cliffs

In our destination at Kleftiko there was a swimming stop for 1 hr 15 minutes. Rauno went for a swim and snorkel. The three of us stayed on the boat and enjoyed the view of calm crystal blue sea and white cliffs, as we can´t swim. I can a little, but am still afraid of deep water, and would have wanted my goggles and water wings:)

During the boat trip we had free iced tea, iced coffee and water. After the swimming break was over we were offered some snacks. Then we took off to another beach called Gerontas were there was shorter stop (30 min) for swimming. Then we headed back. Sun was almost set when we arrived back. It was very pretty.
Our boat on the left

We were taken back to our accommodation where we left our stuff before heading to the food store and to have dinner. We found a nice place near by which had great food. We decided to be adventurous and try something new - we thought snails would be a good idea! We thought we`d get something similar to mussels, but instead we were given plain snails without any sauce or something. It seemed like the snails straight of the patty at home:) Rauno was the only one to try one… We hid the plate away from the table:), and enjoyed rest of the meal.

Unexpected: Sarakiniko beach - what an amazing lunar landscape. White cliffs and caves.

The beautiful sunset when we arrived back at the harbour

Next day was sadly our last day on Milos:(