Our trip was nearing it`s end as it was our last day on beautiful Milos island.

8th Day

11.09.2019, Wednesday


- Papafragas beach - we changed our plans!

- Chilling and relaxing, dessert cafe in Plaka

Practical information:

  • 12:50 bus to Adamas

  • from there bus to Papafragas

What happened?

We slept late and enjoyed our breakfast.

For some reason we never had our breakfast on balcony in Milos! There was no reason not to… we did all the time in Sifnos.

I wrote to my Travel Journal prototype and was very happy with it. Already during the trip it is so nice to think back to the day, and enjoy it all over again. What we did, saw, emotions… It also helps planning during the trip. I had spread out over the days we have here in Milos all the things we want to do. Then every evening after I had written down the events of the day, I planned our next day as we changed plans or I searched for practical information.

It is important to be flexible. We decided today to cancel our plan to go to another beach, and instead relax. We did the same in Sifnos, and it was so nice and important to take time off from sightseeing and doing things every day:) It is important to resist the urge to be on the go all the time in fear of missing out.

My travel journal prototype is really handy in writing these blog posts of course. There is no way to remember all we did and experienced. You can always look at the photos, but lots of things go unphotographed. I wish I had this travel journal long long time ago:) Even if to only mark down what we did, where we went and maybe few most important things. And just words. Then you would remember the trip, and can once again be on that trip! To relive it.

Especially now that we cannot travel. It is great to reminisce and go back. I can feel the smells, touch of the light wind, heat from the sun, the brightness and colours...

We really enjoyed our “day off”. Unfortunately though, our favourite dessert place was a disappointment this time around. They only had one choice of savoury - cheese pies, and only three of them (we took them). Then I didn`t like my desert, as I didn`t order what I really wanted as we wanted to try as many different things as possible. It was so bad that I eventually ordered the dessert I wanted in the first place. Now however it was too big and sweet… I can still taste it. Too much sweetness for me.

And the service was really bad. Very slow. Each step really slow. We had to wait for our cappuccinos for a really long time, so we reminded them that we were still hoping to get them. So unfortunately our anticipated highlight of the day was instead huge disappointment.

For dinner we went to the main street and to the place where the other day they gave us free water bottle (good advertising!). There were lots of people, and while we waited for our food we took turns to look around the shops on the main street. Mainly souvenirs and handicrafts.

Food was once again excellent, the best: safran risotto. Delicious!

After dinner I read, wrote to the travel journal and we played cards.

Sorry that this photo is in Estonian as I was writing my Travel Journal in Estonian. These are at the end of each day, and translated bubbles (left to right from the top): most beautiful place, best moment, interesting and food experience.

Interesting: that we never had breakfast on our balcony in Milos!

Most beautiful place on this trip thus far: Sarakiniko beach. I had to add this to the travel journal as it was unforgettable experience.