Let´s continue with adventures in Greece with Travel Journal. It is day 2:)

Second day, 5.09.2019


- to Sifnos!

Practical information:

- 7:30 (10:40) ferry Piraeus-Sifnos

- taxi 24min, 9-12€, 6:30 we should be at the harbour!

- There are 10 taxis on Sifnos (10€), bus 15 minutes.

What happened?

We woke up 5:45am, I used Beat taxi app to get a taxi which arrived at 6am (14€). Very nice and helpful taxi driver. Asked which ferry and took us straight to the ferry. It was still dark.

Early morning at port Piraeus

After we arrived, I discovered that my backpack was wet and smelled absolutely awful! I thought that there must have been something in the boot of the taxi, although the car was otherwise very nice and clean. So when we waited to be able to board the ferry, I gave marks for the taxi driver, and gave him really low marks because of the backpack... only to discover on the ferry that it was the cheese bought yesterday that had leaked in the bag and smelled terribly! I felt so bad for giving such a low mark (I am usually very generous with my feedback!) and it was all my fault for backing this cheese. It wasn`t even very good cheese:) Unfortunately the app didn´t let me change the score:(

We were early on the ferry and hadn`t eaten so were getting really hungry. We got cappuccinos immediately but were told that we have to wait 20 minutes for toast. Then it was 10 minutes. Something about it being cold. Eventually we went to another booth as they were still not ready to sell us toast. There was only one ham and cheese toast, all others with only cheese. There was total confusion as the guy gave us 4 toasts, but we had ordered three. He checked the receipt and said that we had payed for three. Which is exactly what we had wanted, but when we wanted to give one toast back, he said that we had asked for five toasts! All the while I had just in case indicated how many we wanted with my fingers:) Go figure! Eventually we got three toasts, but unfortunately I had given back the one and only ham and cheese one:) Well, at least we got something to eat:)

After we ate, we went outside for a bit to enjoy the views, and then I wrote into this Travel Journal. There was lots of people, the ferry was full. I wish the ferry between the island we live on in Estonia and the mainland would be as fast as this one! I´d say it would take about 30 minutes, instead of 75 minutes like now.

Tiny port of Sifnos. View from the taxi stand:)

At the harbour we had to wait a bit until we managed to get a taxi (15€). At the accommodation we settled in for four nights. It is so nice to stay at one place for awhile while still exploring:) It was very nice 2 bedroom apartment, and we discovered that it had great location right around the corner from the main square. On the square there were lots of places to eat and that was also the place where buses stopped.

That is where we stayed, on the 2nd floor is our apartment

We went to the main square and found a nice place to eat (there were lots of French speaking people eating there). We ordered fish and traditional local goat meat in wine and dill sauce – it was delicious! All together we paid 45€ (including white wine). We enjoyed the meal a lot. Unfortunately, I accidentally stepped on a cat there:( Lots of cats everywhere in Greece, particularly on the islands. We went to a shop to get some Greek sweets (7,50€) and food for breakfast. It is really hot here!

One corner of the beautiful tiny main square of Artemon

Our host told us that there was a very special event in the evening – Greek islands food festival – and on the main square! We had some rest, and then headed for the festival at 7 pm. We were early, as different islands were starting to open their stalls where you could taste their local food for free. Mostly there were sweets and bread, but also cheese and wine. There was one delicious cheese that was like a Mozzarella ball but tastier and with different texture. That was my absolute favourite. However, everything took so much time – putting out the food, cooking the food on the stage (there was TV coverage!), that we left before they started dancing. It was getting really chilly too.

Best of the day: Food festival