While traveling it is so nice if you don´t have to hurry and can have a lazy morning. That is one of the reasons why we try to stay in one place for a few days. We enjoyed breakfast in our lovely place. The sun was shining and we were ready for adventures.
Lovely Sifnos

Third day

6.09.2019, Friday


- to rent scooters

- to drive around the island

Practical information:

  • There are lots of footpaths on Sifnos, great to explore the island on foot. Also buses.

  • Maybe scooters only for one day. One beach is not accessible by public transport.

What happened?

We had a lazy late morning, then took a bus to the center Apollonia (1€ each). We shopped a bit - postcards, stamps and fridge magnets.

Went to three different car rentals and the news was not good. Apparently you need motorcycle licence to drive scooters! Never heard of that before (have rented scooters only in Asia), total surprise. Didn’t stumble on that information while doing research for our trip. None of us had the licence so no scooters for us!

Walking around in Apollonia looking for car rentals

Instead we had a lovely walk around Apollonia, small cute and beautiful place. Really calm and sunny:) Then took another bus to the Long Beach of Platy Gialos. It was time to have lunch and there were many places available right at the beach. We had lunch inside (partly open place) with a look to the beach. Later rented beach chairs (6€ each) from the same place and were at the outside part of the cafe. So we were able to order drinks and ice creams from the beach chairs. We swam and chilled with beer and wine.
Platy Gialos

We took the foot path to Chrysopigi Monastery full of amazing views which are most popular photos taken on Sifnos. It was really lovely walk. Not too hot anymore and we had enough water with us. From Chrysopigi we walked through Apokofto beach to Faro. There we found nice seafood restaurant for dinner. Finally we realized to order lots of different food to share so we could all taste many things. We tried mussels, fish, pork, chicken and Greek salad (60€ for 4 persons).
Chrysopigi monastery
Walking paths are well marked
Look back to Apokofto beach

We decided to order a taxi but all of them refused to come to Faro! Even the one Dimitra has recommended, even though I mentioned Dimitra! We felt like we were at the end of the world!!! Even taxis won’t come there:) Luckily there was one bus still going late in the evening.
Sun is setting in Faro

It got dark. We sat at the bus stop, waited for the bus and watched people driving by in cars. Seemed like everyone was getting home but us:) Finally, the bus did come though a bit late. We had already started to fear what happens if the bus doesn’t come?

The ticket was 1,80€ and the route was kind of get to know the island:) We went through Kastro - a place recommended to have dinner, and where Dimitra advised to have a walk before the sunset. It seemed lovely place on top of the mountain with lots of lights on.

Eventually we arrived home and were surprised that the festival was still going on! And there were so many people. We went to the shop to buy food, then went home. We didn’t have the energy to go to the festival again. It was a long tiring but really nice day. Sifnos is really amazing!

Made me happy: that we managed to get away from the “end of the world”:) The beauty of the island, and its gorgeous, well kept and signed footpaths!