The idea of traveling alone can be really scary. I could not imagine it for a long time too. But when you think of it - what is there to be afraid of?
I mainly thought that although I did not doubt that I could manage, I would
miss sharing these new experiences that you get while traveling with someone.
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

However, my experience is, that there is nothing to be afraid of. Traveling
alone is just different. To me it means that there is a bigger chance to meet people and you get to know yourself as well. You will realise that you can manage on your own and it is a quality time with yourself.

I first traveled not by design but it just happened. I was living in Australia on a
working holiday visa and a friend of mine came for a visit. But we met on the
east coast although I was staying on the west coast. So after she left back
home, I found myself alone and went to Brisbane.
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I stayed at the hostel with four girls and after spending our days separately - I
was exploring the city and looking for a job, we chatted about our days and
what we had done and planned to do in Australia in the evenings. Soon I found a job in another town and met two lovely Irish girls with whom we traveled in Australia and Asia, and who became friends for life.

My next trip alone was planned that way and it was to Spain in the autumn to
prolong the summer. I was meeting up with my friends (if you`ve read my story and my blog before, you guessed it - of course I was meeting up with
Mercedes!:) for the weekend, but before that traveled alone in beautiful
Cordoba, Spain

I stayed at the hostel and meet lots of people traveling alone, so we all went
out to dinner together. Of course, this is not always what happens. Sometimes even if you stay at the hostel sharing room with others, they can have their own plans or you just don´t click. But my experience is that when you travel alone we make more effort to meet new people, and in a way it is also more natural. Because when you are traveling with someone, you usually spend time with your travel companions.
Granada, Spain

Then I also went alone to Italy to watch tennis. I find it easiest to go alone to the tennis tournaments (exception is with another tennis fan of course) as I
want to spend long days just sitting and enjoying tennis. Not very inviting for non tennis fans:). This time I stayed in Rome in a convent in a single room. So I didn`t make any friends there but after tennis I went to Napoli. There I also stayed in a single room but met a lovely Russian women at breakfast.

Strangest thing was that she did not speak English just Russian and a bit
Italian of which I only know few words. So to communicate I had to try really hard to remember a bit of my very rusty almost non-existent Russian! So besides meeting people, traveling alone can also end up being unexpected language practice!

To conclude, as always when traveling be careful and prepared, but people all
over the world are friendly and helpful. Just ask for help if needed and be open to meeting new people and have unexpected discoveries and

P.S In Australia I noticed that fear of traveling alone seemed to be an
Estonian thing as other nationalities preferred traveling alone. But Estonians all traveled in groups of at least two.