Can you imagine travelling if you know no English nor the local language? Sounds pretty crazy, right?

That is what our clients did! They wanted to go to Malta but neither of them
can speak English not to mention local language. But that is exactly where we can help as we are here for our clients during their trip - just a phone call or a message away.

Preparing for the trip is always important, and we discuss different aspects of the trip with our clients before the trip. Our aim is that our clients have a wonderful time on a trip and would not have to worry about anything - we
like to give them piece of mind.

Of course it does depend on what services the clients have asked for but the aim is always the same, and all advice that we can give without specially searching for it, is for free. For example, if we search for the best plane tickets for you or information about where to go, of course we also look up if you need a visa without extra cost.

This time, preparing for the trip was even more important. We organized transfer from the airport to the hotel, so someone would be waiting for them with the sign of their name. We also notified the hotel that they wished to have a transfer back to the airport and told the clients to show their flight
time at the reception, so they could tell them best time for the transfer.

It all went smoothly - much more than we could have hoped for:) I was ready to have many phone calls and messages, but the clients only needed to call once - to help them use ATM. I did check on them in messenger a few times to make sure everything was going well.

Most important was that the clients were ready and assured by the fact that help was just one phone call or message away. So don`t be afraid! Sometimes something that sounds totally crazy is proved to be absolutely fabulous as the clients were really happy with their trip, and are willing to travel again next year!