It is possible to travel in such different ways. That is why we offer you exactly what you wish for just let us know your dreams and wishes!
Sometimes you just need a short weekend getaway. It doesn`t hurt if it includes spa experience:)

Often while thinking of travelling we think of faraway exotic places forgetting that there are great places all around us. We are from Estonia - small country in Europe somewhere between Finland and Russia. It is a beautiful place worth discovering all the time:)

Last weekend we spent in Estonia´s second biggest town Tartu which is most known for its university. Our main focus was time spent in spa but we also had a quick look around town which meant new Estonian National Museum and Tagurpidi Maja (upside down house).
Estonial National Museum has a new house and it is really great place to get an overview of Estonian history but not in a boring way. Instead it is done in an interactive way with lots of videos and games. You can still just have a look of different stuff as well:)

We spent few hours wondering around while not spending too much time in one particular place. However, at the end we did not have enough time to visit Upside Down House so we only took pictures walking by:) Even looking at it from outside it is believable that going inside could make you sick!

Tartu is a nice small town so everything is close enough to walk around. It took us around 30 minutes from centre of town to walk to the museum while bus station was few minutes from our spa. We stayed at V Spa which was a great place with many pools and saunas.

It was great to have a quick vacation! We are definitely waiting for you here in Estonia! #visitestonia