Our Story

Kaleste beach, Hiiumaa, Estonia

I am Marin and I got a travel bug back in 2001 when I joined organised trip to Ireland. Somewhat surprisingly it was a cycling trip and I fell in love with both cycling and travelling. Since then I have been enjoying travelling and cycling a lot and my travels have taken me to every continent except Africa which remains on my bucket list:)

Gozo island, Malta

Cycling trips to Ireland, Korfu (2004) and Sicily (2005) have been only trips organised by others that I have taken besides school trip to St Petersburg back in 1998.

One year after trip to Ireland I took part in European Youth event in Denmark and it was very first time that I had to organize my tickets to get there and get there as cheap as possible (boat and train through Sweden). There I met my Spanish friend Mercedes with whom we started to meet up every summer since somewhere in Europe to travel around (Italy 2003, Madrid and Estonia 2003, Istanbul 2005, Sweden 2006, Portugal 2007).

Madeira island, Portugal

My first trip outside Europe was in 2007 to India, in 2008 we went to Cuba and in 2009 I left Estonia for awhile for a working holiday in Australia.

Macchu Picchu, Peru

Since I love traveling I created a company called Dagösun - Dagö means island of Hiiumaa in Swedish (where I live now) and sun means energy and joy, thus Dagösun! We offer products to help you enjoy your travels! Check out our e-shop.

Come and visit us on our beautiful island Hiiumaa in our wonderful country Estonia #visitestonia

Our first product My Path Hiiumaa map

Dream big, dream travel!