Travel Journal

You know that feeling of looking forward to a trip? When you have bought the tickets and now can start planning your trip? 

Studies have shown that planning a trip makes us happy. 

Travel Journal helps your planning. 

You know the fear of missing out? That you come back from your trip and discover that there were some amazing places you didn’t know about? 

That’s where Travel Journal will help you! 

Write down must see and do things. The practical information on transport and accommodation. What to bring with you and some essential information about your destination. 

During your trip you can plan each day ahead, and in the evening or the next morning relive the day by jotting down your experiences and emotions. 

And at a time when you miss travel you can pick up your Travel Journal and be on that trip again!

It is small (A5) and light (for 14 days) so it is easy to travel with!

Enjoy your travels and relive them!
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