Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a Travel Journal?

3 main reasons:

1) It helps you to plan your trip - both before the trip but also during it. It enables you to plan while you travel and change your plans if needed.

You will have all important information about your trip in one place. You don`t have to worry about forgetting something - there is a check-list to remember to back all the important things; list of sights and things to do.

2) It helps you to enjoy and to memorize your trip so you will be able to enjoy your trip later any time you feel like it. During the trip it forces you to take a moment to re-experience your trip and enjoy it deeper. Re-live all the emotions and stories of your trip.

3) It helps you to remember your trip - the more you travel and the more time passes it will be difficult to remember any particulars of your trip. With your travel journal you can always check what happened, and tell your friends who ask for recommendations.

And of course, any time you miss traveling (like now when it is nearly impossible to travel), you can travel again with your Travel Journal.

Is Travel Journal meant for just one trip?

You can use it for as many trips as you would like and how many you can fit into the journal. However, we have pre-filled it for 14 days, and you have to separate your trips yourself in the journal, as every trip has different length.

So you can decide how to use your journal, we have tried to make it as easy for you as possible. I have one journal for short trips (2-3 days) in Estonia, and another for cycling trips (usually one each summer).

You decide how to enjoy Your travel journal the most.

But I don´t like to write.

You don´t have to write much to the journal or stories or essays. 

For example, you can use just keywords. Maybe you or your child would like to draw instead? Or you will just write Eiffel Tower - loved it! Write down whatever is important to you.

Later, when you want to read about your trip, those keywords or emotions will remind you what happened.

How to find time to write into Travel Journal?

You don´t need much time - unless you want to! - and you can write into your journal whenever you have a moment. You decide when, what and how much to write.

Use the moments on a plane, train or ferry.

Take a moment to have the important information in your journal. Planning helps to make travel smoother, and you don´t have to worry that you forget something important.

Take a moment to really enjoy your trip! Often traveling becomes continuous running from place to place, to "see" everything without really seeing or enjoying anything. While you take this amazing photo, take time to see what you are taking the photo of, and then write the emotion into Travel Journal.

Travel Journal reminds you to stop, and take a moment!

Another thing in the suitcase. Don´t want to carry it with me.

Travel Journal is light and thin, it does not take much room nor add much weight to your luggage.

What language is the Travel Journal in?

Travel Journal is available in English or Estonian.

Are the "bubbles" at the end of the day, for example "most exciting" or "unexpected" meant for that day only?

It is up to you. It can be about that day or during your trip. 

For example, on our trip to Greece (you can read about it in our blog) I wrote down "food experience" not from that day but a previous one as safran risotto we had was such an experience that I could think only of that:)

Our aim is to offer travel joy, so lots of great trips and lots of joy in traveling with Travel Journal.

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